Luxury cashmere clothing from Tuscany

Sometimes winning ideas are born from needs! This is how Fagiolino Cashmere came to life! Although becoming a mother is the most wonderful experience, it can also be challenging in many ways. A Cashmere romper is not the answer to everything but it can solve the dressing issue instantly. Natural, warming fibers in an easy but chic design and a mother can tend to major business.

Fagiolino Cashmere was born in Florence, Italy, the heart of Italian craftsmanship and fashion. With a decade of experience in the most important Italian luxury brands, the heads behind Fagiolino Cashmere know about the importance of quality. A 100% Made in Italy by Tuscan local artisans and finest Cashmere quality guaranteed by luxury yarns make the difference and create luxury cashmere clothing. Love for the product and understanding the needs of customers is the company’s driving engine.

Fagiolino Cashmere loves the idea of a child growing up with a favorite piece of cashmere. Therefore sizing becomes an important matter. Fagiolino Cashmere offers only 3 sizes or one size items to guarantee a long time use of your favorite piece. This is done by smart fitting and generous sizing. And the best, many items come for the parent, too. For Fagiolino Cashmere #minime, same products for children and adults, is not just a concept, but a daily beauty and necessity. Now you only have to select your favorite piece here.