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Cashmere RE-generated for Fagiolino Cashmere

Innovative & responsible Introducing Cashmere RE – generated for Fagiolino Cashmere! It is a responsible choice of Fagiolino Cashmere to introduce this type of article in their range of products. We believe that mankind has wasted enough natural resources for a life time. Let’s concentrate on ecological choices for a change and considerate alternative and […]

#myfagiolino personalized with monogram. yours only.

Happy to announce you can finally create your personal fagiolino favorite piece! #my fagiolino is available now, just add the monogram service at checkout and soon you will receive your personalized fagiolino. A perfect gift idea: newborns, birthdays, baptism or any other celebration. For now, you can select two initials, to be applicated on almost […]

The art of cashmere gift!

The art of cashmere gift! Isn't it wonderful to receive a package? Even better if it contains cashmere? And isn't it even more wonderful if the cashmere is wrapped with love? At Fagiolino Cashmere we wrap our items with love and dedication. If you are not treating yourself, which we recommend you should, once in a [...]

Cashmere, Cookies & Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! A song that explains it all. Even growing up could not take away the magic of Christmas! The decorating, preparing, gift wrapping and getting together is a very special time of year! To stay warm and cozy, cover up in Fagiolino Cashmere clothing, get a hot cup of [...]

What does it mean?

What does it mean? You’ve probably come across some strange Italian words, while browsing children's cashmere on the fagiolinocashmere.com website. In Italy there are so many ways to call a baby or a child. This was an inspiration for Fagiolino Cashmere not only to name its articles. Here just a few examples: Fagiolino = parents [...]

FAGIOLINO children’s CASHMERE clothing

Finally live! It took a bit longer than a regular pregnancy to give birth to this baby. But here it is. Proud and ready to present Fagiolino Cashmere clothing to the world. How it all began… Fagiolino Cashmere was founded in Florence, Italy. A real pregnancy and the passion for fashion started it all. The name is coming from […]

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