The art of cashmere gift!

The art of cashmere gift!

Isn’t it wonderful to receive a package? Even better if it contains cashmere? And isn’t it even more wonderful if the cashmere is wrapped with love?

At Fagiolino Cashmere we wrap our items with love and dedication.

If you are not treating yourself, which we recommend you should, once in a while, we offer a complete cashmere gift wrapping service.

Gift giving is definitely an art for itself.  The gift-giver has spent some time thinking on how to completely overwhelm the gift-receiver! Ideally you know the person very well and therefore know taste, style and preferences.

If this is not the case, we have good news for you, cashmere is always a good idea. Why? Well, its softness and coziness is like a cuddle, its natural fibers and colors suits everybody and its structure and versatilely are for every occasion. For big and small.

If you are sending a gift to someone special, we offer gift wrapping which includes special ribbons and decorations depending on the season or occasion and an optional gift message on special stationery.

Finally you only have to choose from our products and make someone happy!

Fagiolino Cashmere Wrapping

Our standard wrapping consists of white tissue paper and satin ribbon, individually sealed with a adhesive label.