What does it mean?

What does it mean?

You’ve probably come across some strange Italian words, while browsing children’s cashmere on the fagiolinocashmere.com website. In Italy there are so many ways to call a baby or a child. This was an inspiration for Fagiolino Cashmere not only to name its articles.

Here just a few examples:

  • Fagiolino = parents not knowing the sex of their baby calling it “fagiolino” meaning small bean.
  • Amorino = tenderly calling the child my love. To call someone “amore” is reserved for the husband, boyfriend or lover.
  • Patatina = even though translated small potato, it is often used for baby girls. There is even as song about it. Patatina piccolina,…

Regional differences:

  • Tuscany = “mimmo” or “mimma” depending if it’s a girl or a boy.
  • Marches = “frichì” working for both genders and emphasizing the “ì”.
  • Sicily = originated, but also commonly used in the rest of the territory: ”Piccino” descending from the word piccolo meaning little.