FAGIOLINO children’s CASHMERE clothing

Finally live!

It took a bit longer than a regular pregnancy to give birth to this baby. But here it is. Proud and ready to present Fagiolino Cashmere clothing to the world.

How it all began…

Fagiolino Cashmere was founded in Florence, Italy. A real pregnancy and the passion for fashion started it all. The name is coming from the italian father, calling the baby tenderly “fagiolino”, since the parents had no clue yet whether to expect a boy or girl. In this case it was a baby winter boy and upon his arrival it was impossible to find beautiful children’s cashmere clothing to cover up the newborn.

Does sizing matter?

Sizing can be a huge issue. But there are some tricks to it. The fit is the key. Some styles, especially tops and bottoms separated can usually be worn longer, arms and legs simply have to be long enough. Onesies are more difficult. In order to wear it the longest possibile, it needs longer arms and legs to compensate with turn ups/downs and a low crotch. Fagiolino Cashmere has only 3 sizes, from “0”up to “24 months”. All other items in the range are one size, making it far more easier.

Italian luxury cashmere

Fagiolino Cashmere products are exclusively produced in Tuscany, Italy but only the finest and softest cashmere. The cashmere yarn from Fibre Nobile Verrone, a Loro Piana trademark, together with Italian craftsmanship result in luxury pieces to wear, wash and love.

Only for babies?

We have not forgot about the mommy, the bigger sister or even the dad. Fagiolino Cashmere does not only carry children’s cashmere clothing but products for the other family members, too. Starting for now with scarfs, stoles and ponchos. All available in the matching colors, some even in the same styles. The journey has just started, stay with us to see where it will take us!