Cashmere, Cookies & Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

A song that explains it all. Even growing up could not take away the magic of Christmas! The decorating, preparing, gift wrapping and getting together is a very special time of year! To stay warm and cozy, cover up in Fagiolino Cashmere clothing, get a hot cup of tea and cuddle up next to someone you love. Sure the tea will do its job, but the cashmere will keep you warm all winter long!

We’d love to share some of the joy with this post. Christmas cookies in the making.

Gingerbread Cookies-Recipe

250 g honey
100 g brown sugar
150 g butter
50 g candid orange peel
500 g flour
1 unit baking powder
1 egg (medium sized)
10 g cocoa
2 spoons gingerbread spice
100 g chopped Almonds
1 unit orange peel